Top 5 best 2D animation softwares

Top 5 best 2D animation softwares

Animation is the process of creating continuous motion by means of rapid display of a sequence of static images that are slightly different from each other. In today’s world, most people are interested in learning Animation. Animation is a very practical tool with useful applications in different fields. There are lots of software’s are available in the market to make 2D animation. In this article I’m listing Top 5 best 2D animation softwares.

1.Toon Boom Studio

Toon Boom Studio is packed full of essential animation tools, giving you full control over your 2D animation projects. Major animation studios such as Disney, Warner Bros use Toon Boom’s professional animation software to create their shows and feature films. Toon Boom Studio includes all the tools you need to create and produce a high-quality  2D animation project.

2.Anime Studio

Anime Studio Debut 9 includes plenty of essential tools which helps you to create 2D animation. You can use available characters and items from its content library. Anime Studio helps you to create your own drawings with free hand drawing tools, brushes that allow you to trace improved sketches.

3.Draw Plus

Draw Plus X6 is used to create backgroundsscenery and characters. Draw plus includes all drawing tools such as pencils, erasers, shapes and vector  path pens. You can also scan your paper drawings and trace over them into vector graphics for easy coloring and animating.


FlipbookLite 6 is designed with the traditional  animation artist in mind. Flipbook has all the professional tools which help you to create effective and high-quality animations. This software allows you to use one foreground and one background layer and you can hold up to 300 frames.

5.Crazy Talk Animator

Crazy Talk Animator 2 uses  puppeteer to control the movements of your character’s limbs and facial expressions. By selecting predetermined actions and expressions from the pupperteering panels, you can instantly make your characters perform a certain expression or movement. This can save your time, especially if you are an animation beginner.


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