Internet browser shortcuts

Internet browser shortcuts

What is A web Browser?

A web browser is an application for retrieving, presenting and traversing information on the World Wide Web(www). A Browser is used to Access internet to search for something. Examples of Browsers are 1.Google chrome 2.Internet Explorer 3.Mozilla Firefox …

Internet Browser Shortcuts

There are many shortcut keys that can be used with INTERNET Browsers.  Below are a few of our top suggested Internet Browser shortcuts.
1. pressing Alt+D in any major Internet browser will move the cursor into the Address Bar. It is the greatest way to quickly enter the internet address without having to click the mouse in the Address Bar.

2. Hold down control key and pressing + or – we can increase or decrease the size of the  text.

3.Press Backspace or Alt+left arrow to go back a page. f5 to refresh or reload the page.

5.Press f11 to make the internet browser’s screen as full screen. Press f11 again to go back to normal view.

6.Press ctrl+B to open your internet bookmarks.

7. Press ctrl+F to open the find box in the browser to search for text within the web page that you are looking for.


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