How to host multiple websites using Hostgator baby plan

How to host multiple websites using Hostgator baby plan

Hostgator is one of the best and reliable hosting providers. Hostgator offers three types of hosting plans namely Hatchling planBaby plan and Business plan. In Hatchling plan you can host one domain with unlimited bandwidth. In Baby plan you can host multiple websites with unlimited Space and unlimited Bandwidth. Similarly in Business plan you can host multiple websites with unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and private SSL certificate. So in order to host multiple domains using Hostgator, you need to have baby plan or Business plan.

A guide to Hostgator Add-on domain

If you want to host a domain that you’ve purchased from other domain providers such as GodaddyNameCheapBigrock then you have to change the domain name servers with the name servers provided by Hostgator and add the domain as Add-on domain in your Hostgator account. If you’ve added the name servers, it’ll take some time for the name servers to point to your host gator account.

Just follow these lucid steps to add your domain to Hostgator account as add-on domain.
Log in to your Hostgator account and click on Addon Domains under Domains section.

After clicking on it, You’ll be taken to a page where you need to add the following details.

New Domain Name: Domain that you want to host (Ex:
Document Root: Root of domain that you are adding i.e. all the files which you add to your domain will be hosted here.
FTP username: It’ll be automatically generated based up on your domain. If you want you can edit it.
Password: You can create your own password or use the password generator option.

Now click on Add Domain and your domain will be successfully added to your Hostgator account and you’ll get a success notification same as below image.

With this your new domain is added to hostgator account. To install WordPress on this domain, Go to your cpanel and  click on QuickInstall under Software/Services section then click on WordPress.

Now select the domain you want to install WordPress, enter your email, Blog Title, Admin User, First Name and Last Name and click on Install WordPress. After installation is done, you’ll get your username and password to use your WordPress dashboard.

I hope you’ve understood How to host multiple websites using Hostgator Baby plan and install WordPress on the newly added domain. If you like this article, feel free to share it with others.


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