Espier Launcher Of iOS 8

Espier Launcher Of iOS 8

Hi Viewers! Most of you might be thinking of having an iPhone. Some may afford an iPhone but most of them might not be able to buy. Please don’t get worried. You may get all the latest features of an iPhone on Android. Stay cool and Happy. We are here to help you with the best launchers to get the advanced features of an iPhone on your Android mobile.

Espier Launcher Of iOS 8

Espier Launcher is one of the best iOS-style home applications for your smartphone or tablet. It brings you the complete experience, and makes your mobile to be different from the rest. It recreates the style of iOS by transforming the Android’s interface. Espier Launcher modifies wallpapers, desktops and icons, and makes them look like those found on iPhone. It also uses the same effects and functions. And if you dare to combine this application with other developments by the same company, such as the screen blocker or the notifications tool, you can provide your phone or tablet with a unique aspect.  

Once you install Espier Launcher, it displays an iOS app on the  main page unlike any other and will end up making your smartphone experience a lag-free one. Like we stated earlier, it will not increase the overall performance of your device. It will just allow the iOS features on Android. 

Features of Espier Launcher:

  • It will merge the design of Android and iOS.
  • Espier Launcher will specialise icons and widgets.
  • It makes the view  of notifications on the icons just like on an iPhone.
  • It will provide a number of graphical themes to choose from to decorate the Home Screen.
  • The launcher has been enhanced gradually, managing the current versions have minimum resource consumption, maintaining the application’s most stunning effects. 

Rather the severe escalation that most likely went into making the app will end up making the home screen more responsive, thus resulting in a snappier handset at your fingertips. In addition, and also you will not have any conditions when it comes to setting up lots of widgets on the homescreen.

The Espier Launcher will be two types, one is i6 and  i7, With improved cosmetics and a crisp look paired with more specialised options to give your android the best features that you would feel good. 

While setting an Espier Launcher as the default home app, do restart your mobile otherwise in some cases, the launcher may be killed by the system automatically when you run some applications which use much memory. Please do follow all the tips while using a launcher. Follow our forum page in order to know the detailed information regarding technology.


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