DNS Probe Finished Bad Config

DNS Probe Finished Bad Config

Errors that occur because of DNS Config are never good because they are very hard to resolve . Errors like DNS BAD CONFIG are very bad because there could be multiple reasons for that. This becomes a burden to Troubleshooter because it will be hard for it to find the reason. So first simply check whether Internet is working on your device or not. By checking your Internet Connection working on your and Other Networks can save You lot of time when you figure out the DNS Bad Config is the  issue, ask for a Professional and get it resolved.

Why does this DNS BAD CONFIG Occurs

For instance, if you are getting DNS PROBE FINISHED BAD CONFIG in Google Chrome, the same error might appear completely different in a different browser. The one thing I am certain about is that this error has something to do with DNS.

Now a lot of people do not know this but DNS works in a rather simple to understand way. There is no rocket science involved in it, but still, it is up to me to make sure everyone is aware of it.

The main purpose of DNS is to translate the name of a website from our language to a language that internet can understand. So, for starters, if you type in www.google.com, the DNS will have to translate that into a machine-readable IP address.

Websites can have multiple IP addresses assigned to one name, it all depends on just how big the website is. So, with that in mind, the DNS error occurs when the DNS fails to translate the URL that you typed into a machine-readable IP address.

The worst part about this error is that there are so many different reasons for this error to occur. It could be your browser, it could be the VPN you are using, it could be the router itself, a malfunctioning cable, or the internet connection from the source.

The methods to fix the different DNS errors are mostly the same. Still, to keep things relevant and fresh, I will add a couple of different methods that may fix the internet, and fix the ever so dreadful dns probe finished bad config error.


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