How to send self destructive messages

Sometimes you need to share your private information such as password, credit card details or bank details with a friend or family member. you can send information via email or text message. But there is a chance that the person may forget to delete the information. So there is a risk that the information may […]

Top 10 cool google search tricks

We all know that Google is the most commonly used search engine. Every day billions of people using Google to search their queries. But there are many Google tricks which are unknown to many of us. So in this article, I’m sharing Top 10 cool Google Search Tricks. 1. Definitions Find out the definition of any […]

How to add movie subtitles in VLC media player

VLC media player is one of the best media players which supports all most all types of Audio and Video files. As it supports multiple Audio and Video formats, people love to use VLC media player for Watching Videos, Movies etc., If you are watching a movie which is not familiar then you may need subtitles […]

How to remove shortcut virus

Sometimes when we insert Pendrive, memory cards into USB ports for data transferring, we are annoyed to see that our files turned into shortcut virus. This is the basic problem for most of the people and it also arises in systems with anti-virus installed. When your PC, Pendrive, Memory card is affected by any anonymous malware […]

Top 10 websites to play online games

Everybody loves to play games. Games give you fun and can relax you from your day to day work. This article is about gaming sites and dedicated to Gamers.  In this article, I’m listing Top 10 best websites to play online games for free. 1.Miniclip Miniclip is the most popular website where you can play wide variety […]

How to download Torrents with IDM

We can download movies, videos, games, soft wares and other torrent files through Torrent download manager. But the problem with Torrent Download Manager is its speed as it depends on Torrent health, Seeds. If you have low seeds then you’ll get less down speed and it takes lots of time for downloading. So the best […]

Top 10 funny hidden google tricks

Google is one of the most commonly used search engines in the world. Every day billions of users are using Google. Google also provides Google+, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Books etc., which are commonly is known by many of Us. There are many Hidden tricks of Google that we may not Known. So in this article […]

Top Mozilla ADD ONS 2014

Mozilla Firefox is the most commonly used web browser and is considered as the fastest web browser with lots of add-ons which makes browsing more interactive and gives you a great experience. In this article I’m listing Top 7 best add-ons for Mozilla Firefox. 1.WEBOFTRUST(WOT) WOT(WEB OF TRUST) is a free Internet Security add-on for […]

How to create an ebook from wikipedia articles

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that offers you information on almost any topic which you can think of. It is the reference site for wide variety of topics. You can read wiki Articles online. But if you are the kind of person who wants to convert all these Wikipedia articles to a book so that you […]

Internet browser shortcuts

What is A web Browser? A web browser is an application for retrieving, presenting and traversing information on the World Wide Web(www). A Browser is used to Access internet to search for something. Examples of Browsers are 1.Google chrome 2.Internet Explorer 3.Mozilla Firefox … Internet Browser Shortcuts There are many shortcut keys that can be used with INTERNET Browsers.  […]

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