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Twenty Four Frames films, has launched a new mobile phone application DELHIPEDIA that lets you to search and find unexplored beauties of Delhi. The app covers the aspects of Delhi including its heritage monuments, crowd-happy bazaars, markets, cultural scene and food cuisines.

 Delhipedia android app
DELHIPEDIA is a YouTube channel and a digital magazine which tells us about the city and its magnificent culture. In other words, DELHIPEDIA is an audio visual running encyclopedia about the city and its hidden unexplored things many of us are still unaware of.

Arjun Pandey, the man behind this app, said, “In a way our objective was to provide a ‘One-Stop – Delhi Shop’ information source about the city, we thought of creating an application that could take one through the City, places that are unexplored. To make it more connected with the people, we have made it visually appealing through our videos. We are excited about the app and hope the same goes with the people as well. The city enthusiasts can follow and join the journey of this majestic city through social channels.”

With DELHIPEDIA you’ll find information about the city at any time and from anywhere by just surfing your mobile. It would be a one-stop solution for anyone who wants to visit the City or trying to research or is just curious to know more about the city. At DELHIPEDIA we can visualize the best of Delhi with one video at a time.
DELHIPEDIA will list the best of Delhi with videos and a visual library for people who are searching for new things in the city to visit and explore. The app is currently available only for Android users and will soon be rolled out for IOS users.

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