How to get a .com domain at 99 rupees on GoDaddy

Every blogger wants to add a custom domain to his blog. Adding custom domain will give a professional look to your blog. For a custom domain, you need to pay some amount of money. Generally a .COM domain costs you around 630 rupees ($10) per year. New bloggers will not like to pay such amount of […]

How to download a website using HTTrack

When you come across any useful site, you generally love to read the articles and may save them to your computer for future reference. But if you are a kind of person like downloading the entire website to your computer so that you can access it whenever you want, then this article is for you. […]

How to send self destructive messages

Sometimes you need to share your private information such as password, credit card details or bank details with a friend or family member. you can send information via email or text message. But there is a chance that the person may forget to delete the information. So there is a risk that the information may […]

Top 10 cool google search tricks

We all know that Google is the most commonly used search engine. Every day billions of people using Google to search their queries. But there are many Google tricks which are unknown to many of us. So in this article, I’m sharing Top 10 cool Google Search Tricks. 1. Definitions Find out the definition of any […]

Top 10 websites to play online games

Everybody loves to play games. Games give you fun and can relax you from your day to day work. This article is about gaming sites and dedicated to Gamers.  In this article, I’m listing Top 10 best websites to play online games for free. 1.Miniclip Miniclip is the most popular website where you can play wide variety […]

Top Mozilla ADD ONS 2014

Mozilla Firefox is the most commonly used web browser and is considered as the fastest web browser with lots of add-ons which makes browsing more interactive and gives you a great experience. In this article I’m listing Top 7 best add-ons for Mozilla Firefox. 1.WEBOFTRUST(WOT) WOT(WEB OF TRUST) is a free Internet Security add-on for […]

How to create an ebook from wikipedia articles

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that offers you information on almost any topic which you can think of. It is the reference site for wide variety of topics. You can read wiki Articles online. But if you are the kind of person who wants to convert all these Wikipedia articles to a book so that you […]

Internet browser shortcuts

What is A web Browser? A web browser is an application for retrieving, presenting and traversing information on the World Wide Web(www). A Browser is used to Access internet to search for something. Examples of Browsers are 1.Google chrome 2.Internet Explorer 3.Mozilla Firefox … Internet Browser Shortcuts There are many shortcut keys that can be used with INTERNET Browsers.  […]

How to delete facebook account permanently

Facebook is the most commonly used social net working site. Facebook helps us to connect with our friends or to post status or share photos or videos with others. But many people want to delete their Facebook Account due to many reasons. If you are one of them and want to delete your account permanently, […]

Top 5 websites to learn programming online

We can create games, websites and apps with the help of programming languages. If you want to learn coding, then this article is for you. Most of the people are searching for best online sites to learn programming. So in this article I’m listing Top 5 best websites to learn programming online. 1.W3Schools W3Schools is the best  website […]

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