Android 5.0 Lollipop

After Android 4.4 – KitKat, Google has announced its upcoming android version Android 5.0 as Lollipop. It is the most upgraded Android version for smartphones, tablets and even for android wear- smart watches.
Most of the people are thinking that Android L will have a name as Lime Pie but Google has named Android L as LOLLIPOP(not Lime Pie). Android L will first available for Nexus devices before rolling out to other android phones. In this article, I’m listing some of the Best features of Android 5.0-Lollipop.

1.Material Design

Google used a new design language for Android 5.0 -Lollipop which is called as Material Design. It completely changes the interface with more fluid animations and a cleaner design. A new bold, colorful, responsive UI design has introduced for the consistent experience across all your devices.
android lollipop

2.Updated Notification Settings

With Lollipop, you can view and respond to your notifications directly from your lock screen. You can enable Priority mode through your device volume button so certain notifications or people can go through. You can also set downtime for incoming notifications.
quick motifications
Your incoming calls will not interrupt the game that your playing or the video that you are watching. Android L includes the feature to hide notifications for sensitive information.

3.Upgraded Camera

Android Lollipop supports features like Burst mode and Tunning settings. We can capture images up to 30 fps, which gives better image quality. It also supports raw formats like YUV and Bayer RAW, UHG 4K playback and video recording. Google introduced a feature to control settings for sensors, flash and lens for every individual frame.

4. New Quick Settings

Google has updated Quick settings on notification bar as android versions above 4.0 will have limited settings such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, brightness bar, profile, location etc., Google added new features such as flash light, screen rotation, hotspot and cast screen controls. You can adjust brightness directly from the notification bar.
Android lollipop features

5.Security- Personal unlocking

Security is the main thing that every user looks for. So Google introduce new Smart lock feature which enable us to secure our device by pairing it with other devices such as wearable watches, cars etc., Google uses SELinux security for all apps to give maximum protection against vulnerabilities and malware.

6.Multiple Device compatibility

Android L will support different devices with different sizes such as phones, smart watches, TV and cars. Android L is designed to be flexible so that it can work on all your devices and it can be customized for your needs.

7.Battery Life- New Battery Saver Mode

Google has introduced Battery saver mode which extends your battery life up to 90 mins. It adds the feature to notify the time left before you need to charge your device.
Battery saver mode
And when charging, it  gives you the approximate time needed for your device to fully charge.

8.Device Sharing

Android 5.0 enables multiple users for phones. If you forget your phone, then you can call to your friends or you can accesses any of your messages by simply logging in to another phone running with android Lollipop. You can share your device with other by using Guest user mode but your private files will not be able to access by them.
device sharing

SCREEN PINNING: You can pin your screen so that other users can access just that content without messing with your other stuff.


Lollipop uses new Android run time (ART) to improve device performance, responsiveness and battery life. ART improves your device performance by 4 times. It also supports 64-bit devices so pure java applications can run as 64-bit apps automatically.

10.Pick Up Where You Left Off

Android Lollipop helps you to pick Up Where You Left off, means songs, apps, photos and even recent searches from your android phone can be accessed across devices.

Google designed Android L with lots of good features such as better security, Material design, improved performance, Updated Notifications and Multiple Device compatibility. With this OS update, Minor improvements on Camera, video and audio have been done. Android L will provide smoother experience and helps you to manage your device. Overall, it would be pretty good in hands.

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